Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Skinny Latte's are coming..

Starbucks lattes will be going on a diet beginning in ’08. The “skinny latte” will be fat-free and made with sugar-free syrup. A 12oz (tall) will register only 90 calories compared to 260 in a comparable white chocolate mocha - non-fat (no whip).

I think this could work for them - IF it tastes comparable to its more caloric counterpart. Being sugar-free, they are using one or more artificial sweeteners, which doesn't always jibe with peoples’ taste buds or their apprehensions over the health concerns of artificial sweetener (whether rational or not).

Whether this new offering will be helpful to the weight-conscious consumer is a matter of circumstance. For instance…

  • If your new year’s resolution is to shed pounds, it is best to eliminate or drastically reduce calorie-containing drinks. Grab a tall Sumatra - black.
  • If your new year’s resolution is to shed pounds AND you are a latte junkie accustomed to a daily indulgence of the 260 cal variety – this may be an option of compromise. If you do the math, assuming a 5-latte/week pace, you save about 850 calories per week, which equates to about 1 pound of fat per month. This is of course assuming the law of thermodynamics is an exact science (which it isn’t) and also assuming you aren’t grabbing a 370 calorie apple Danish with a mocha swirl as well (you know, because you’re saving sooo many calories with your skinny latte). But I digress…
  • If your new year’s resolution is to remain healthy and you like the original mochas – keep drinking them. Just be sure the rest of your dietary choices are pretty good and you exercise regularly
  • If your new year’s resolution is to save money… what the heck are you doing at Starbucks?
Source: The Diet Blog

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Audrey said...

I love my chai lattes at Starbucks. I only go a few times a week now. I keep wondering if they'll come up with a sugar free chai. That would certainly cut the calories.