Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday morning tales from the scale…

Same weight, Other than dropping a pound, I’ve held steadily for a few weeks now.  I’ m not really dieting, just eating all healthy food, not much processed food except for those light chips that I just have to have. and an occasional piece of dark chocolate. I’m really careful when eating out, that is the downfall of all us, too big of portions, totally salt laden, fat laden food.  I avoid fast food restaurants, with the exception of Wendys and Chic-Filet.  My standby at Wendys – a plain baked potato and a small chili, pour the chili over the potato, and it’s a yummy meal for under ten points.  And the cost - $2.00 for both.  Yeah, it is, both of those items are on the dollar menu, and they have great chili, too, not greasy, tastes like homemade…  Works for me, I can take the money I saved and buy a great pair of earrings. :0)

I can live with where I’m at right now, I would like to go down another ten pounds, and I will, I have no doubt about that,I’m as committed as ever, just taking a breather while I wait for this grandchild to be born. 

V and I were talking just this morning that regardless of how much we lose, we’ll still be thick thru the middle.  That is the bane of post menopausal women.  It’s okay, I’m dealing with it.  As long as I can shop and fit into size 12’s, I’m not going to complain, but a size 10 would have me happy dancing in the aisles! *cheesy grin*

Back next week…

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