Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Energized or Cranky?

We all get crabby now and then (some of us more often than others, it's true), and what you eat definitely can affect your mood. It's a known fact that super-concentrated refined sugar sources like soda, candy, jelly and juices will do funky things to your blood sugar levels (radical spikes and dips!), and that can make you feel crabby and tired. White starches -- like most bread, bagels, chips, etc. -- can do the same thing. Experts say foods rich in soluble fiber can slow down the absorption of sugar and prevent crazy mood swings. Things like oats (slow cooking oatmeal is great!), brown rice, beans, oranges, strawberries, etc. are all good sources. Protein is also great at keeping your blood sugar levels from fluctuating drastically. So snack on lean meats, seafood, etc. to feel more alert and productive. In short , while things like gummy bears and chips may give you a quick energy boost, in the end they can make you feel sluggish and even cranky. So choose your snacks carefully.

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