Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monday morning tales from the scale….

Yeah, I know it’s Wednesday and I haven’t posted this for a really long time, but it’s all good news.  I’ve now lost 26 lbs. since last April, I’m making healthy choices, eating moderately, not really dieting, and NOT GAINING!

What do I do about holidays?  I eat, hopefully don’t make too many bad choices, but don’t worry about it, then go right back to healthy eating the next day.  That’s what I did at Thanksgiving, and it worked great!  I’m a pretty happy camper these days.

Still no idea of how much more I will lose.  I’m a 12 really comfortably, now.  Another 5 lbs. and I think I’ll be starting to get into 10’s.  When those 10’s fit like the 12’s do now, I’m done…

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