Monday, April 20, 2009

It’s all good this morning, well, kinda….

The good news is that I’m now down four pounds since April 2. clap

And, I dug out the capris from last season, put on a pair with a sweater this morning, dunno why it’s only 50 degrees, but I did. Anyway, the good news is that they slid right on, no problem, which means that I’m not fatter than I was last year.

The bad news, however, is that they are my big girl capris, my wannabein capris are all stacked to one side. But they’re just a size away, I can do it…

It really helps to be public with this. It makes me be accountable. At least for today…

Are any of you out there doing this weight thing with me? I see from my stats that this site is getting a lot of traffic, so you’re all watching, but you’re watching silently.

I love imput, don’t get hardly any from of all of you, and that’s fine, but I would love to hear any ideas you might have. We’re all in this together…


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