Monday, April 20, 2009

Red Robin, fuggedaboutit…

Red Robin just opened in Heavensville. Hubby loves their burgers and is excited about going.  I just checked with DWLZ to see how many points.  Holy Crap, there’s more points in a burger than I eat in an entire day.  A LOT MORE!  Just look at this – the numbers at the end are the points.  *GASP*, the peppercorn burger has 35.5 points in it!!!!! 

Burgers, as served
5 Alarm Burger (907 cal/58g fat/3g fiber/49g carbs/46g protein) 22.5
A.1. Peppercorn Burger (1400 cal/94g fat/3g fiber/88g carbs/54g protein) 35.5
Bleu Ribbon Burger (1022 cal/61g fat/3g fiber/62g carbs/46g protein) 25
Guacamole Bacon Burger (1151 cal/76g fat/3g fiber/52g carbs/62g protein) 29
Monster Burger (1151 cal/69g fat/3g fiber/57g carbs/74g protein) 28.5
Pot Roast Burger (725 cal/38g fat/3g fiber/56g carbs/38g protein) 17.5
Red Robin Bacon Cheeseburger (1030 cal/70g fat/3g fiber/47g carbs/52g protein) 26
Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger (850 cal/49g fat/3g fiber/57g carbs/46g protein) 20.5
Royal Red Robin Burger (1178 cal/82g fat/3g fiber/48g carbs/60g protein) 30
Santa Fe Burger (1036 cal/63g fat/5g fiber/62g carbs/46g protein) 25 (25.5)
Sauteed 'Shroom Burger (971 cal/60g fat/4g fiber/52g carbs/60g protein) 24
The Banzai Burger (1054 cal/63g fat/3g fiber/69g carbs/48g protein) 26
Whiskey River BBQ Burger (1169 cal/72g fat/5g fiber/77g carbs/49g protein) 28.5 (29)
Knife & Forkers, as served
Bruschetta Chicken Burger (876 cal/54g fat/4g fiber/54g carbs/46g protein) 21.5
Burger Parmigiana (1081 cal/68g fat/5g fiber/82g carbs/60g protein) 26.5 (26.5)
Chili Chili Cheeseburger (979 cal/57g fat/6g fiber/58g carbs/58g protein) 23.5 (24)
Honky Tonk BBQ Pork Burger (811 cal/33g fat/5g fiber/78g carbs/41g protein) 18 (18.5)
Chicken Burgers, as served
Blackened Chicken Burger (791 cal/48g fat/2g fiber/49g carbs/45g protein) 19.5
California Chicken Burger (982 cal/62g fat/3g fiber/50g carbs/53g protein) 24.5
Crispy Chicken Burger (929 cal/56g fat/4g fiber/71g carbs/37g protein) 22.5
Teriyaki Chicken Burger (900 cal/47g fat/3g fiber/65g carbs/55g protein) 21.5
Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger (994 cal/54g fat/5g fiber/77g carbs/49g protein) 23.5 (24)
Adventuresome Burgers, as served
Crispy Fish Burger (565 cal/27g fat/3g fiber/58g carbs/24g protein) 13
Grilled Salmon Burger (806 cal/32g fat/2g fiber/52g carbs/36g protein) 18.5
Grilled Turkey Burger (704 cal/45g fat/3g fiber/47g carbs/29g protein) 17.5
Lettuce-Wrapped Protein Burger (560 cal/37g fat/3g fiber/17g carbs/36g protein) 14
The Garden Burger (578 cal/18g fat/10g fiber/63g carbs/22g protein) 11.5 (12.5)

If you want to depress yourself even further, here’s the complete menu…

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