Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monday weigh-in, tales from the scale…

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s Wednesday… Okay, I admit it, Monday was not good, nor was Tuesday.  Even though I didn’t go above points on the 4th, I ate a lot of carbs, I was retaining water, but, after two days of eating healthy, I’m FINALLY into those new digits.  Yep, I AM!!!!!

Weight loss is sitting at 18 lbs. now!  The slowdown is happening, which is to be expected, it always slows drastically as I get closer to my target weight.

John said last weekend, “Mom, I think another ten pounds will do it for you.” “You will always be thick thru the middle, you never did have a little waist.”  He’s right on, of course, I never did. 

Will I stop at another ten pounds?  I’m barely into twelves now, and another ten pounds will have me wearing them really comfortably, and that’s where I’ve always said I would stop now that I’m older.  Of course, there is a huge part of me that wants to be a size ten again.  I know, it’s vain, but “Vanity thy name is Woman,” even when you’re fast approaching the big 6-0!  It just depends on how gaunt I look in the face.  I’ll have to just see how it plays out.  But first I have to lose those ten pounds!!!

Am I still motivated?  Is a horse a horse?  You damn betcha I am!!!  This old energizer bunny just keeps on going…  I’m looking forward to passing the twenty pound loss, that will be huge for me.

My newest mini goal is 4.5 pounds more by Labor Day.  Maybe I’ll make it, maybe not, but I’m not racing, I’m just eating healthy….


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Rapunzel said...

You're doing a great job!! :) I can "feel" your motivation right through the computer screen!