Monday morning, tales from the scale….

I’ve stayed on program all week, eating below points some days.  I’ve lost 14.5 lbs. now, down from 14.1 last Thursday.  I’m due for a pound or so drop soon.  Maybe next week.

My mood?  Fantastic, still excited, and I made the most wonderful black bean salsa this week.  I’ve been busy, I get in a rut eating the same foods, if you follow my Tweets you realize this, but it’s okay, I like what I eat.  That black bean salsa was wonderful with a salmon burger.   My friend Janet eats black bean salsa on a hot dog with a bun, like a relish.

I’m eating a lot of hummus, too and have found that I like the traditional hummus best.  I prefer it over the garlic, or roasted red pepper, the original has a bit of garlic, and lemon juice, it’s wonderful.  I’m buying it at Aldi’s for $1.69.  I pick up their English cucumbers for $1.00 (English cukes are long and skinny with no seeds, my buddy V loves them, so I tried them and think they are amazing, too).  So I cut slices of cukes and dip in the hummus along with a few cherry tomatoes from my garden, good stuff, filling low calorie, a high protein snack!  I also bought great whole wheat pita chips at Trader Joe’s when I was in Nashville, sometimes I eat those with it, also, with the M&M’s dancing circles for a bite.  They love pita chips!

I have an easy week ahead, just a day trip to Louisville on Wednesday, it’s easy for me to stay on program when I’m home.  I hope to try a couple of new things this week, that’s my goal, just one or two new dishes a week.

Life is good, just for today, it’s working…


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