Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday weigh-in, tales from the scale….

I’m now down 16.1 lbs. and still going strong.  I’ll be into another set of digits in a couple of weeks.  My capris are baggy now, no muffin top when I wear them, the weight loss is starting to be really obvious.

Every week I tell you that I’m still pumped, and I am.  It’s astounding how effortless this is for me.  This week’s food find isn’t a recipe exactly, but something I’m really enjoying.

I’m buying the faux crab and lobster at the grocery store, you know the ones, the sticks and chunks in the refrigerated seafood department.  It’s inexpensive, and always in the past I’ve made it into crab salad, but instead I’m now just putting chunks of it into mixed greens, adding red onion, radishes and cherry tomatoes and drizzling it with my wonderful Ramona’s Poppyseed Dressing.  It’s absolutely perfect for a hot summer evening.

If you haven’t made Ramona’s Poppyseed Dressing yet, you’re missing out on the best salad dressing you’ve ever tasted.  My friends adore it, here’s a click to the recipe, just substitute Splenda for the sugar, I use a heaping half cup of Splenda, that’s just the right amount, and I limit myself to 1 tablespoon of dressing.  That’s plenty if you stir it well. 

I’ll never buy diet dressings again, homemade ones are so much better, take just a few minutes to prepare and a little bit of the real stuff is so much better than a whole lot of  bland diet dressing.


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