Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday morning tales from the scale :0(

Despite the fact that I jumped up and down on one foot, exhaled, and moved the scale to a different location, despite that I was totally naked and peed numerous times this morning in a desperate attempt to rid my body of any infinitesimal amount of extra weight, and despite the fact that I have stayed within my point range, every single day, my weight is up a half a pound from last week.  Arughhhhhhhhhhh

I’ve been spoiled, I haven’t gained, the weight has dropped steadily,  even though my last serious attempt at dieting found me gaining several times.  Have I cheated????  Have you read my tweets??? If you have, you will realize that I haven’t cheated, at all, I’ve even held down the carbs! 

But shit happens, and even though I know I’m eating right and my clothes are fitting so much better, and despite the fact that I’ve cracked open a few pairs of size 12 and have been able to fit into them, I’m bummed.

Silly me, looking at that number on the scale and letting it dictate my mood.  I know I’m not really gaining, it’s fluid, yadayadayada, but I’m still almost two pounds from where I wanted to be July 4th. Sad

It was a bad week for me, I was not satisfied with what I ate.  And even though I didn’t cheat, I wasn’t a happy camper for most of the time.  I need to go back, look at what I ate that worked well for me, duplicate some menus, stay focused.

I will be okay, next week will be a better report, despite the fact that it’s the 4th and family are coming home, I will eat healthy and stay focused. Pinky swear, I will…  And if I happen to get on the scale this week and it has moved downward, you betcha I will be on here talking about it, so check back…


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