Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Fiber One Pancakes - 3 Points

Fiber One Pancakes:

*1/2 cup egg whites or Egg Beaters
*1/4 cup Fiber One cereal
*2 tbsp plus 2 tsp old fashioned oats (not quick or instant oats)
*2 tbsp canned pure pumpkin
*1 tbsp light fat free/sugar free yogurt (I use vanilla Dannon Light 'n Fit)
*2 or 3 tbsp Splenda granular (or your preferred no-calorie sugar substitute)
*1/2 tsp cinnamon

Begin by putting Fiber One cereal in a small bowl. Add warm water to the cereal until it’s submerged. Wait a few minutes until the cereal absorbs the water and becomes soft. Drain excess water completely and pat excess water from Fiber One with a paper towel. Place all ingredients, including Fiber One, in a small mixing bowl and mix well with a hand mixer or blender. Mix on high speed until well blended. (Fiber one may remain somewhat chunky. This is alright.)

Place a medium skillet on the stove at medium-high temperature. Spray briefly with fat-free cooking spray. Put batter in the skillet in 1/4 cup portions. Cook until air bubbles form in the batter; then use a spatula to flip each pancake over. Cook the uncooked side for about an equal amount of time, then flip again to make sure each side is cooked fully. They will be slightly browned when done.

Makes about 5-6 small pancakes. Entire recipe is one serving.

I calculated this recipe at 160 calories, 1 gram of fat, and a little over 8 grams of fiber. My points slider said it fell just *barely* within the 2 points range. Adding 1/4 cup of fat free, sugar-free maple syrup with 40 calories or less makes this entire breakfast just 3 points!

NOTE: I made these with 3 tablespoons Splenda, and I didn't have pumpkin, so I omitted it. Next time I will cut the Splenda to 2 tablespoons and add a pinch of salt. They had a good flavor, filled me up - I processed them in my blender, soaked the Fiber One in enough water to cover it, and then squeezed excess water out with a paper towel.

I used Mrs. Buttersworth Sugar Free Syrup, 25 calories per 2 tablespoon and it tastes awesome!

Don't let ingredients gross you out, these were pretty good...

~ Jan

Recipe Source: Weight Watchers Message Boards, User Callievmu

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