Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Subway Tuna Salad, a nono...

Despite what people think, tuna salad is typically EXTREMELY high in fat and calories. That's due to the oily condiments it's often mixed with. At Subway, the 6" Classic Tuna sub packs in a whopping 530 calories and 31g of fat (7 of them saturated!)! That's WAY more than either the 6" Steak & Cheese sub (400 cal., 12g fat) or the very low-calorie 6" Roast Beef sub (290 cal., 5g fat). So the good news is that you're right (hope you won something good)! The bad news is that tuna, which has always been considered a "diet" food, can contain shockingly high amounts of fat & calories once mixed with mayo. HG Tip: To avoid tuna salad with mystery ingredients, prepare it at home, where you can carefully monitor what's in it. And try using Best Foods/ Hellmann's Dijonnaise instead of mayo - it's totally creamy, fat-free and has just 15 calories per tablespoon!

Source: HungryGirl

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